Sept. 29 – Home Football Game

Home Football Game Performance Schedule:

5:30 pm – Band Room and Trailer Open

6:10 pm – Need to be in uniforms and ready for warm-up

6:15 pm – Warm-Up – Hornline / Battery

6:35 pm – Line-Up and March to Field

6:45 pm – Sit in the Stands

  • Everyone sits in the stands with the band during pre-game, we will be sitting by section in an organized manner.
  • Everyone remains in full uniform during pre-game
  • No one may EAT while in uniform

6:52 pm – Play Championship

6:55 pm – Play Star-Spangled Banner

7:00 pm – Kick-Off

  • Stay in your place for playing any pep band music or Championship during the game.
  • Wait until after halftime to get something to eat

7:30 pm (approx.) – Hornline to the Pad for Warm-Up / Battery to the Trees by Tennis Courts

7:40 pm (approx.) – Halftime Show – entering from the SOUTH end zone.

Once we exit the field you may go to the band room / change / return to the game.


  • T-Shirts (Red or Black) with sleeves under the uniform – NO sleeveless or cut off T-Shirts are allowed
  • Long Black Socks. No writing or logos on the socks.
  • Hang your uniform up after the show in the white trailer
  • Gloves go in your hats and then in the hat bags